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In general for any null geodesic horizon observer-independent black hole, or observer-dependent cosmological dark energy (virtual bosons) de Sitter (dS, /\ > 0) or dark matter (virtual fermion-antifermion pairs) anti- de Sitter (AdS, /\ < 0) the Hawking temperature from the horizon is

THawking ~ hc|/\|^1/2/kB

The hologram entropy S of the horizon is 

S ~ kB/4|/\|

Where, the hologram principle demands

1/|/\| ~ NLp^2

N = integer (Bekenstein BITS)

Lp^2 ~ 10^-66 cm

Heisenberg's uncertainty principle in 3D space changes to

&x ~ h/&p + (&L)^2&p/h


&L ~ (Lp^2L)^1/3

for measurement scale L

Note for the max L of ~ 13.7 billion light years

&L ~ 1 fermi 10^-13 cm

and its minimum is LP ~ 10^-33 - only 20 powers of ten

In an S-Matrix scattering L ~ &p/h + ...

infinite recursion, but approximately

&x ~ h/&p + (Lp^2h/&p)^2/3&p/h

~ h/&p + Lp^4/3(&p/h)^1/3

&L is cube root of the quantum of volume in the 3D hologram image of the pattern of 2D Planck area BITs on our future dS horizon in

All of our Bohm explicate order 3D information is encoded nonlocally smeared as the 2D BIT pattern quantum Conway games at the intersection of our future light cone with our future dS horizon - we are at its perfect center. This is Bohm's implicate order! See Lenny Susskind's picture of the simpler black hole situation.

This obey's t'Hooft's S-Matrix Unitarity.

The tensor covariant non-geodesic acceleration magnitude is g, here we have an additional Unruh temperature since the quantum vacuum of an off-geodesic detector is not the same as a (timelike) geodesic detector

TUnruh ~ hg/ckB

Add the two temperatures.

Outside a black hole the static LNIFs have

g = c^2(rs/2r^2)(1 - rs/r)^-1/2   ---> infinity at the horizon

inside our future dS cosmic horizon hologram computer screen, we are at r = 0 and static LNIFs at distance r from us have

g = c^2/\^1/2(1 - /\r^2)^-1/2   ----> infinity at the horizon

A = 1//\ ~ 10^123 Lp^2 ~ (14 billion light years)^2
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