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Interferometers as Holographic Clocks

Craig J. Hogan

University of Chicago and Fermilab


A new fundamental limit is postulated on measurement of time in holographic theories where light sheets carry degrees of freedom that saturate the entropy limit of black hole event horizons. Holographic clock operators are associated with null displacements and spatial orientations. Null fields preserve clock phase along their propagation direction, and clock phase is invariant on null sheets, but time measurements in different directions do not commute. This hypothesis is shown to lead to spatially coherent holographic noise in relative phases of null fields propagating in different directions. Current technology allows Michelson interferometers to achieve the Planck-scale holographic noise limit in differential phase measurements. Cross-correlations of holographic phase noise between interferometers are calculated, depending on their separation and alignment. 

To download the .pdf of the paper, click the link below:
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