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Some researchers believe that there was once a highly developed culture on Earth. But as a result of unknown circumstances, civilization was destroyed. This is evidenced by archaeological finds that cannot be explained from the scientific point of view of modern society. There is a theory that in the past, our planet was visited by alien representatives who shared their knowledge and technologies with people, so maybe they donated incredible technologies thousands of years ago, but then these technologies brought humanity to the brink of extinction.

Some people claim that our ancestors used so advanced technologies that in our time, it is difficult to imagine them. But some of the modern technologies may have been borrowed from the past, although almost no one knows about it. You may have heard of the ancient nuclear war hypothesis or ancient flying vehicles, which can also be found in ancient texts. It is said that our ancestors could even move in space and had knowledge about the universe that surpasses all modern knowledge.

 A 450-page manuscript was examined in 1963 by Romanian engineer Doru Todericiu in Sibiu’s national archive (former Hermannstadt). Todericiu examined the manuscript’s scientific and technological substance before classifying it as a work on various artillery and ballistics difficulties, despite the fact that it had previously been known as such. He learned that Conrad Haas, the author of the manuscript’s third section, had written about some amazing concepts related to rocketry.

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