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We are at a cusp in human awareness.

The genie, as they say, is out of the bottle. The top has been popped and the wispy tendrils of a long suppressed secret are whiffing out. Many heads in the UFO commentariat nod in agreement.

Too late to put it back. We’ve crossed a threshold. Too much has happened in the past five years.

Say that again, slowly, until it sinks in. We are about to find out something that we did not know, long held knowledge that was purposely kept from us. There will be a period of acclimatization, possibly a standard bell curve of recognition that comes sooner for some than for others.

The long hidden world of Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) — one that shockingly more and more seems to include crash recoveries and reverse engineered non-human technology — is in the (slowly creeping) process of being outed. That perception comes in a matter of degree, but is any of it really a surprise?

Some people are giddy with glee, melting like butter on hot bread into an unwarranted conclusion that all is to be revealed.

I know already these things exist, just fill in the details. <cue validation — I feel good, so good.>

Others are frustrated with what seems to be taking too long, and want to get down to a hard crust they can chew on (or, to exercise a more common metaphor, tires they can kick themselves).

Nothing exists until you show me peer reviewed hard evidence. <cue validation — you should have told me, I could have helped.>

The problem with both ends of this spectrum of response is the expectation that someone will inform us of what is going on. The premise is that there are people who know, and long have known, much more about UAP than they have heretofore let on.

Eyes turn to the Department of Defense and the intelligence agencies. They’ll have the real scoop, the details, the answers — so we default in thinking — because that is their job. Unless they have already outsourced the work.

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