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Brent Swancer’s latest article – “The Mysterious Ape Man of Kent, England” – makes for fascinating reading. It’s a little-known fact that there are numerous reports of what can be termed “British Bigfoot.” Of course, the idea that huge, lumbering beasts of a Bigfoot-type could be roaming around the U.K. is ridiculous. And, yet, that’s what appears to be happening. As Brent says: “In England especially, hairy hominids have been sighted surprisingly frequently, in all areas of the region, including Britain, Ireland, and Scotland, and one area that has a history of such sightings going way back is the county of Kent, in South East England. There is no reason at all for why a giant apeman would have any business being here at all, yet if sightings are to be believed, the anomalous beast has been lurking around here for quite a while.” Brent is well to use the words “the anomalous beasts,” as just about everything about these “creatures” is downright weird. My interest in this subject goes back to when I was a teenager. It all revolved around a strange, hair-covered hominid that had been given the name of the “Man-Monkey.” Fortunately, the animal (yes, there was just one – there usually is in the British Bigfoot cases) lurked barely half-an-hour or so from where I lived. So, it was road-trip time.

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