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Big, hairy, ape-like creatures like Bigfoot have been seen all over the world, known by many names and eluding all attempts to capture them or to even truly understand them. Sightings have happened in numerous far-flung places, but sometimes they seem to appear in places they have no business being. There have been creatures like this reported from the most unlikely of places, including Japan, Hawaii, and the United Kingdom as well, defying all apparent reason or logic. In England especially, hairy hominids have been sighted surprisingly frequently, in all areas of the region, including Britain, Ireland, and Scotland, and one area that has a history of such sightings going way back is the county of Kent, in South East England. There is no reason at all for why a giant apeman would have any business being here at all, yet if sightings are to be believed, the anomalous beast has been lurking around here for quite a while.

Kent is a county that borders Greater London to the north-west, Surrey to the west and East Sussex to the south-west, and Essex to the north across the estuary of the River Thames, and reports of large, hairy ape-like beasts have been going on here for some time, with one of the earliest such reports coming from all the way back in 1858, from the area of Great Chart Ashford. The witness was apparently a worker at a wheat field called Bucks Farm, where he was toiling away one day when he saw a rather strange sight when he saw “a large baboon type creature” just sitting there out in the field. A report in the Kentish Gazette at the time said of the weird incident and what followed:

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