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An ex-nuclear weapons tech has claimed he saw UFOs flying overhead while serving in the military at a top secret US Air Force base.

Adrian Reister, 37, decided to break his silence as the unknown phenomena has become a serious national security concern for US lawmakers and the Pentagon.

Reister, originally from Texas, served at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri between 2003 and 2007 - which stores a wide variety of nuclear bombs.

Whiteman is the home of the B-2 Spirit Bomber - the US's leading strategic nuclear stealth strike aircraft.

Rising to the rank of senior airman, his main duties on the base were guarding nuclear weapons while serving with the 509th Munitions Squadron.

The Sun Online verified Adrian's credentials by viewing documents which appeared to confirm his military service and his top secret clearance.

He has now bravely spoken up as he said he never officially reported his UFO sightings officially due to a military culture of silence.

He came forward to tell his story to The Sun Online and The Liberation Times.

Adrian, who received medals for outstanding service, feared top brass would revoke his clearance and "put a target on his back" if he said anything about the strange encounters.

To read more and view the video, click here.

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