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Technological advances have opened exciting possibilities for space exploration, which could potentially lead to new discoveries about the celestial bodies in our galaxy. Robots have proved to be particularly promising tools to explore other planets, particularly Mars, a terrestrial planet in the solar system that is known to host some similar elements to those found on Earth.

The exploration of Mars and its surface is a fascinating quest, as it could unveil the signs of past or present extra-terrestrial life. In addition to potentially unveiling forms of ancient microbial life, these explorations could lead to the discovery of resources that exist outside of Earth, potentially paving the way for future human missions to Mars.

Researchers at Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics have recently developed a new four-legged robot inspired by lizards that could aid the exploration of the red planet's surface. Their robot, introduced in MDPI's Biomimetics journal, has a flexible body structure that can replicate a desert lizard's movements and locomotion style.

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